Pelham Middle School elections: votes are in, ballots counted

PMS — The votes are in and the ballots counted. The student body president is Matt Mattesi. The vice president is Alex Meyer, the secretary is David Monaco, the Treasurer is Theo Bloom, the 7th grade senator is Saul Glist, and the 6th grade senator is Rachel Brewer. Congratulations to all of you, you’re in the student government.

The elections took place on e-chalk, from Wednesday, October 5th to midnight on Friday October 7th. Candidates introduced their ideas during a speech they videotaped, which students watched on testing days of the 1st-3rd of October. Most all candidates said that they would work hard to make the lunch lines shorter.

Most 6th graders, as I later learned, had voted for Rachel Brewer as 6th grade senator. After winning the position, she gave stickers to everyone. This election was definitely an exciting one, and I’m sure that the students of PMS are excited for next year’s.

(This story originally appeared in the Pelham Middle School student newspaper. Daniella Cherner was a news editor of the Colonial Times last year. Alumni Corner features the writing and reporting of graduates of the newspaper club.)