Five years ago: Kindergarten and a fifth-grade buddy

By Daniel Bernstein, A&E Editor

November 21, 2011

COLONIAL SCHOOL -- It was about the second week of school and I was in Kindergarten. I was nervous, but kind of excited. Mostly nervous. The older kids started flooding into the room. I was so small to them. I was scar...

Suggestions for the Pelham Picture House

By Dane Crowley, Guest Commentator

November 18, 2011

Hello, my name is Dane Crowley. I am a young child, currently age 10, and for all you adults out there, I know it’s hard to take me seriously when I’m a 10-year-old boy talking about business. But here’s what I have to say:...

Girl Scout Troop camps out in backyard to get feel of great outdoors

By Claudia Dodge, Sports Editor

July 29, 2011

350 CORLIES AVENUE -- Fourteen Pelham Girl Scouts from Troop 1666 went camping in Lucy Bischof’s backyard on July 23 to feel the experience of camping. We did crafts, set up tents, had a bonfire and a raffle.To help us pitch ...

Young journalist becomes a writer to express feelings

By Alexandra Broege, Staff Reporter

June 2, 2011

BRONXVILLE -- Monique Johnson, a journalist on the Bronxville-Eastchester Patch, told me she became a writer to express feelings. When she couldn’t go to her cousins’ house, she’d makeup and write stories. “I thought w...

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