Fourth, fifth graders take survey to see how Pelham district can improve schools

By Bryn Felgner, News Editor

April 14, 2019

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COLONIAL โ€” The Pelham School District sent a survey to find out information to help improve Pelham's schools. Fourth and fifth graders were required to fill out the survey, as were their teachers. Julian Matteoni (5S) said,...

Third, fourth and fifth graders participate in Perennial Math at Colonial

By Shylah Horan, Staff Reporter

February 12, 2019

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COLONIAL โ€” Many students participate in Perennial Math, which helps them improve in the subject with packets and tests. Anna Shiels likes Perennial Math "because it challenges you." Some students think the math problems...

Colonial goes pink to show breast cancer awareness

By Bryn Felgner, News Editor

February 6, 2019

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COLONIAL โ€” Colonial School is wearing pink Feb. 14 to show breast cancer awareness, joining Pelham Middle School, Pelham Memorial High School and the three other elementary schools. "I think going pink is a very good and...