Pelham Town Supervisor Solimine visits school to talk about student government

By Richard Che, Staff Reporter

December 10, 2011

COLONIAL GYM -- Town Supervisor Joe Solimine visited Colonial School recently to talk about student government. He asked how our student government would be formed this year, and when he got how it worked, he suggested some...

Fifth graders volunteer for Safety Patrol to help keep school calm

By Emily Nakayama, Hutchinson Bear Staff Reporter

November 30, 2011

HUTCHINSON’S HALLWAYS — Many people look up to the Safety Patrol for tips to stay safe in school. The volunteer fifth graders work hard to make our school a safer, better place to learn. They help kids walk in the hallway,...

Suggestions for the Pelham Picture House

By Dane Crowley, Guest Commentator

November 18, 2011

Hello, my name is Dane Crowley. I am a young child, currently age 10, and for all you adults out there, I know it’s hard to take me seriously when I’m a 10-year-old boy talking about business. But here’s what I have to say:...

Girl Scout Troop 1655 recycles bottles to keep school clean

By Kayleigh DiNatale, Hutchinson Bear Staff Reporter

November 16, 2011

DECICCO’S – During a playdate, Girl Scout leaders Ellen Sample and Karry Walsh noticed people were throwing bottles everywhere but the trash. They saw an opportunity to help Hutchinson School be neat and clean and decide...

Reliable, generous fourth and fifth graders sought to peer tutor ExL students

By Hailey Nelson, Hutchinson Bear Staff Reporter

November 16, 2011

HUTCHINSON SCHOOL — Some of the fourth and fifth graders will be starting a program with the ExL students. They will become peer tutors and will help these children play and do different things. “What the ExL students really...

Riley Connor wins as president in student government election; Andrew Clausen is vp

By Alyssa Wong, Hutchinson Bear Staff Reporter

November 9, 2011

HUTCHINSON SCHOOL — The votes were cast and the winners chosen. Riley Connor was elected student government president and Andrew Clausen won as vice president. Riley said she would like to bring some new school activities...

Bus is coming to Hutch to be stuffed with pajamas, baby books

By Anna Brightman, Hutchinson Bear Staff Reporter

November 9, 2011

HUTCHINSON SCHOOL — Stuff the Bus is coming on Halloween morning to collect PJs for those in need. Stuff the Bus is an organization that helps collect pajamas and books for kids in need. A bus will come to the school on H...

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