PMS field is closed for winter: Do students prefer it or playground?

By Francesca Messina, Staff Reporter

January 16, 2020

COLONIAL PLAYGROUND — The field is closed for the winter. Do students miss it? The third, fourth and fifth graders go to the field at the Pelham Middle School to play in spring and fall. Every winter, the field is closed...

Third grade prepares for writing celebration Jan. 22, with parents coming to hear work

By Samantha Cullen, Staff Reporter

January 14, 2020

3RD GRADE CLASSROOMS — On Jan. 22, the third grade students will share their writing pieces with their parents and friends in a writing celebration. The students spent some of September, October, November and December workin...

Second graders are excited about their April field trip to Emelin Theater

By Jean English and Natalie Bass

January 14, 2020

2ND GRADE CLASSROOMS — The second grade will be going to the Emelin Theater on an upcoming field trip. The field trip will take place on April 21. Students are feeling excited, happy and nervous. They are going to see a show. According...

Spanish is fun class to take in second through fifth grades

By Shylah Horan, Staff Reporter

January 4, 2020

COLONIAL SCHOOL — Spanish is taught in second, third, fourth and fifth grades. The students said they love learning new words in a different language. Spanish is a class that teaches you a new language, and the Spanish teachers...

Band, chorus and orchestra to perform in winter concert Dec. 17

By Lexi Glantz, Lucy Steiper, and  Paolo Carideo

December 17, 2019

COLONIAL AUDITORIUM — Band, chorus and orchestra will come together to present for the fourth and fifth grade parents of Colonial School. This year's winter concert will be performed on Dec. 17. Mr. Andrew Dolgon, the fourth...

Mr. Swerdlin substitutes in chorus room until Mrs. Wright comes back

By Francesca Messina, Staff Reporter

December 8, 2019

MUSIC ROOM -- Mr. Swerdlin is the substitute chorus teacher at Colonial School until Mrs. Ann Wright comes back. He hasn't taught chorus before. He has never worked at Colonial. He said he was inspired to teach chorus because...

Ms. Casagrande joins Colonial staff from Siwanoy as fourth-grade teacher

By Brayden Clark, Staff Reporter

December 8, 2019

CLASSROOM 4C — The new fourth-grade teacher Ms. Melody Casagrande loves her job at Colonial School, and her class loves her being their teacher. Ms. Casagrande was a second grade teacher at Siwanoy School and joined Colonial...

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