First Grade: Bronx Zoo Field Trip!

On May 2nd, 2022 the first grade Colonial students went to the Bronx Zoo for a field trip! 

They got there by a bus and  left the school at 9:30. There were 8 chaperones and 2 teachers. They saw plenty of animals including gorilas, rinos, zebras, chimpanzees, monkeys, birds, turtles, chinchillas, bison, seals, and fish.  They ate lunch at the zoo before heading back to school!

They went to a classroom and learned about the animals while being able to interact with them. According to the first graders, the bison and the rhino are the biggest animals in the zoo and the smallest is the chinchilla. 

They saw aquatic animals and learned many new facts about them, as well as learning how to interact with them. The majority of the class’s favorite animal was the Chinchilla.

Some kids said that if they could change one thing, it would be to see more animals, but other kids said it would be to stay there for longer. They had a lot of fun interacting and learning about the animals!