Bring back the play

The fifth graders used to do a play that rocked the house. The fifth graders want their play back. The play was a special way to end the Colonial Elementary School experience.

The production brought students together and built teamwork and creativity to get ready for middle school. For example, the middle school has a drama club, so the fifth grade play would motivate fifth graders to participate in that club.

A play would also help the almost-middle schoolers develop friendships and faith in their fellow classmates. Last year, the fifth didn’t have a play because some boys in a previous year weren’t very interested in the project. This year, some fifth grade boys are interested in putting on a show that would move mountains and entertain the whole school. This year, most people in the grade love the idea.

We think it’s not fair that fifth graders two years ago got to put on this mind-blowing show. Just because one group of boys were not fans of the idea, it doesn’t mean that no one else likes it. We hope that we can change this for next year’s fifth graders and all of the following fifth graders so people can watch the show.

This editorial was written by the editors and appeared in the June print edition of the Colonial Times.