Use metal water bottles

A lot of people this year are using plastic water bottles. And Chartwells sold a lot of plastic water bottles. These containers hurt the environment. When the water bottles are thrown away, the plastic can end up in the ocean, pollute it and kill the animals.

We should use metal water bottles instead, so that water bottles aren’t being thrown away constantly. If we drink from these reusable bottles, then we will be saving the environment and the animals. Plastic is bad and metal is good. Let’s try to go green. If we go green, we will be saving the environment and the animals. Plastic pollutes, and it kills the animals. If we use metal water bottles, we will be helping everyone and everything.

Polluting not only affects animals, it also affects you. Using metal water bottles will make Colonial a good school.

This is only one way to help save the environment. By doing this, we are turning something small into something bigger. If we keep coming up with ideas to save the environment, then we will make a big change. This change will inspire many other schools to do the same.

This editorial was written by the editors and appeared in the June print edition of the Colonial Times.