Working the constitution

This year, the fifth grade went on a field trip to the Brooklyn federal bankruptcy court for their study of the rules of law and the U.S. Constitution. The project was called Constitution Works. Constitution Works was really fun for the fifth grade. It gave kids a chance to act like lawyers and argue with justices and have a chance to BE a justice.

Mrs. Piera Hattar applied for a Pelham Education Foundation grant that paid for the project, after experiencing Constitution Works in another teaching position. We thank her for a great idea.

The school district should make the program permanent for future fifth graders. A reason the district should make the funding permanent is because it was so fun for the students to try a case. Future fifth graders would miss out on a great chance to learn the ways of the law.

Another reason the school should make Constitution Works an annual event is because it also helps in thinking clearly and using writing skills.

The last reason the school should make the grant permanent is because it helps us make connections to the real world.

That is why Constitution Works should return to Colonial School next year.