Give Us Invention Convention

From the first day of school, many fifth graders were thinking of possible ideas for the big fifth grade project, the Invention Convention.

The Invention Convention has been a tradition for the Colonial fifth grade for years. In the project, students develop a prototype of an invention and come up with marketing ideas for it. Everyone looked forward to it. But the school decided not to do it this year. Many in the fifth grade were either mad or sad because the Invention Convention was replaced.

As much as the fifth graders loved doing the Make a Change project, many wish they could have the old project back. In Make A Change, students researched an idea for school improvement and shared it.

When the current members of the grade saw past fifth graders do the Invention Convention, they couldn’t wait to try it. They loved seeing the creative ideas people came up with when the prototypes were on display in the library. They wanted to be the proud creators of their very own inventions.

This great project should be returned to the fifth-grade schedule next year.

This editorial originally ran in the June 2017 print edition of the Colonial Times.