SMART boards and white boards

For some classrooms, having just a SMART Board is not enough. When the math is on the board, there is no room to list homework. We need to fix this problem. The Colonial Times believes there should be SMART boards and whiteboards in every classroom.

SMART Boards are eco-friendly. They eliminate the waste of paper and killing trees because, without SMART Boards, teachers would have to print out instructions. SMART Boards also allow different media types to be used. Teachers are enabled to show maps, graphs, websites and videos.

Whiteboards also have many classroom advantages. Most whiteboards are magnetic, allowing teachers to hang up different resources like instructions and examples. Whiteboards are not very expensive. According to Office Depot, they cost from $45 to $50. The erasers run between $3 and $8 and the markers between $2 and $10. These are cheap compared to buying ink or paper. Also, if the school ever loses power or internet, students can still learn on the whiteboards.

Having both of these items would provide extra room to fit  information. With both a SMART Board and a whiteboard, the classrooms will be better than ever and very efficient.

(This editorial first appeared in the March print edition of the Colonial Times.)