Vending for snacks

Steven is always hungry because he forgets his snack everyday. We need vending machines in our school. We think that vending machines would help kids who forget their snacks.

In one machine’s slots would be healthy things like pretzels and hummus. Students would only be able to use this free service if they forgot snack and got permission from their teachers. In another vending machine, there should be junk food that students would pay for. The money would go to the PTA so Colonial would get better school lunches.

If kids do a good deed, they’d get something free from the junk-food machine. This is similar to an idea at the middle school.

These machines would encourage kids not to share snacks. There would be a peanut-friendly section in each machine.

The machines would help stressed parents who have to pack snacks everyday. They would decrease students complaining about being hungry and help them focus better on schoolwork instead of thinking about lunch. Vending machines could be a helpful tool in the school.

(This editorial first appeared in the March print edition of the Colonial Times.)