Missing the space mission

Imagine walking into a spaceship simulator and piloting a mission in space…learning how to work together and safely land a spaceship. This is what the fifth graders would be experiencing if they went to a field trip called Challenger.  

Challenger is a fifth grade field field trip where students are challenged in space simulations. For the first time in several years, the fifth grade will not be going.

Students have been looking forward to this field trip all year, along with Invention Convention. Invention Convention was a fifth grade project where students created their own inventions to learn about inventing, designing and advertising in the real world.

Many students were upset to hear of the cancellation of both events. They were excited to participate in these programs after hearing about them from older siblings and friends.

Since the fifth graders were busy with other year-end projects, Colonial was not able to go on the Challenger trip. Moving forward, the school could put the trip in the middle of the year to allow more time for it.