Switch classes more

Every other day, the fifth graders switch classes at 11 a.m. Mrs. Jeneane Salerno teaches social studies, and Ms. Piera Hattar teaches science. The Colonial Times recommends that fifth graders switch every day, and the fourth graders start changing every other.  The fifth graders need to be ready to switch classrooms in middle school in the three minutes between periods, doing it nine times every day. The fourth graders should also have the opportunity to start learning.

The fifth grade students should change for science and social studies and additionally switch for reading and writing. The fourth graders should change for science and social studies. 

Many kids are nervous about middle school. They are worried they will not be able to make it to all of their classes on time. They will be ready for this if they switch more. It will also train kids to be more responsible. They will learn to make sure they have the materials they need.

This way fourth and fifth graders will be well prepared for middle school.