Working hard to put on an awesome, Amazing Dreamcoat


Sam Rodd sings in ‘Joseph.’

Recently I played the lead in the show Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat for the Lighthouse Youth Theatre. I played Joseph. The rehearsals were hard and we were constantly being yelled at. That was actually a good thing; the director yelled at you because he wanted to see you succeed. The show turned out awesome! There were two shows, but I’ll explain later.

Reharsals started in September. The cast had had to wait two weeks to learn about which parts they got. When I found out I was Joseph, I started dancing. I felt awesome and scared. The whole show was sung. I had to learn all my lines and how to sing them.

I did play two parts, though. The musical had two casts, one for each performance. The other Joseph was named Van. I was also playing Isakar, one of Joseph’s eleven brothers. So now I had to learn two parts and how to sing them both.

I felt doomed. The show was Feb. 12, and I still was barely getting the words right for solos with two weeks to go. As the opening got closer, I forgot the words even more. I actually slapped myself several times. What was going to happen to me?

It was a week before the show, and I was practicing in my living room. The opening was rapidly approaching, and I was running out of time. I rehearsed day after day with almost no rest.

It was the day of the show. My first performance went well as the brother and… I didn’t forget a single thing as Isakar or Joseph. It was AWESOME! Everything went as planned. Yay!!