Young journalist becomes a writer to express feelings

BRONXVILLE — Monique Johnson, a journalist on the Bronxville-Eastchester Patch, told me she became a writer to express feelings. When she couldn’t go to her cousins’ house, she’d makeup and write stories.

“I thought writing was a great way to express my feelings,” said Ms Johnson. “It’s a lot of fun.”

Ms Johnson writes the Whiz Kid column, where she covers kids with amazing talents and kids who care for their community. She wrote a story about me and you can read it here. Kids and parents should read the columns because there are ways to help our community and others too.

Most people at the Colonial Times decided to write for the newspaper for the same reason as Ms Johnson. So if you’re a third grader, you might want to sign up next year.

“I think it’s great for young people to express their feelings, so they can do the same as me someday,” said Ms Johnson.

Since Ms Johnson is young, she has a great writing career ahead of her—places to go, people to meet and most of all grow up. Writing changed her life and I hope yours too.