Girl Scout Troop camps out in backyard to get feel of great outdoors

350 CORLIES AVENUE — Fourteen Pelham Girl Scouts from Troop 1666 went camping in Lucy Bischof’s backyard on July 23 to feel the experience of camping. We did crafts, set up tents, had a bonfire and a raffle.To help us pitch tents and make the crafts, a senior Girl Scout named Emily came to help. We started off by building the tents. It was four scouts to a tent plus Emily, and some parts were a bit hard, but others were easy.

Girl Scout Julia Loughman liked the sleep out. “Everything is going great,” she said.

After all the tents were up, we made a craft: fairies to put on a Girl Scout camping site. The project needed two pipe cleaners, a few fake flowers, scissors, a few strands of yarn and a bead with a face.

We roasted hot dogs over the bonfire for dinner, which was a lot of fun. After eating, we had a war with our spray bottles, and that really cooled us off. We got our PJ’s on and then made s’mores. They were really good!

The items in the raffle were “Ripley’s Believe It or Not” books, hula hoops and a scooper thing that you throw and catch with. I won a Ripley’s book. We all went back into our tents after the raffle.

At 11:30 p.m., I called home because it was too hot. It was around 90 degrees. My mom came to pick me up.

The next morning, I came back so I could do the morning activities, which included making jewelery and putting the tents away when Emily returned.

For the time that I was there, I had fun.