Finding out what a different country is like and having time of my life

Finding out what a different country is like and having time of my life

What does this sign say?

QUEBEC — I left the country for the first time in my whole life last week to come here, where I had the best vacation ever.

Usually when I go on vacation, I go to places like Cape Cod, Boston and every once in a while, Montana. The farthest I had ever gone was California. Last week, I went to Canada. The funny thing was that in the part of Canada I went to (Quebec) people speak French.There were a lot of ducks. I had fun feeding them. They lived in the pond right outside the apartment I stayed in. They would come up to the porch while we were eating and wait for food.

One time when we were in town, I saw a shop with my name in its name. It was a clothing store called Manon & Cie! I usually don’t see things with my name on them (like necklaces, water bottles, etc.), but here they had keychains and other little things that you could buy with my name on them.The truth is, Canada is just like New York. They had a city like New York City called Montreal, and the town we stayed in called Magog looked very similar to Pelham. It had some of the same fast-food places too, like McDonald’s, Pizza Hut and KFC (they call it PFK).

We did a lot of fun activities from crazy rollercoasters at a Six flags in Montreal to swimming in a lake. At  the bottom of the lake, there was this muddy clay. It was all gooey and gross but it was fun to make sculptures. The lake I swam in stretched from Canada all the way to Vermont. That’s long!

But my favorite part of the vacation was looking at the signs that were in French. For example, instead of saying “Stop,” stop signs said “Arret.”