What it’s like to be lost up on a mountain

STRATTON MOUNTAIN, VERMONT — It’s very scary to be lost on a mountain. But not as scary as being lost on a mountain and  not knowing where any of your family members are.

I went to Stratton Mountain in Vermont with my family and stayed with the Orlandos. The Orlandos went skiing with us too. At the mountain, I had to (ugh) go to ski school, which I really didn’t want to do.

After ski school, I went with my parents and my sister Carly to the top of the mountain. We took my little sister Grace on a green trail without my dad (but with my mom and my sister). Towards the end, it got really really  steep and Carly went straight down. Grace was scared so my mom was helping her, but I had to go after Carly.

I saw her on a flat area near where the trail ended, so stayed there with her while Grace and my mom came down. Then, Carly just skied away and I couldn’t see my mom and Grace anymore, and that’s when I got really scared. I almost started crying. I didn’t know where I was or where any of my family members were.

I skied down the rest of the way and started looking for people to help me. The problem was, I couldn’t find anyone I could trust to help me. But right then I saw my mom and Grace walk down another hill. I was really really happy. I still needed to find Carly, and we  found her by the ski rack, and we found my dad at a restaurant.

I couldn’t be happier.