Don’t pair schools; I want to be a Kindergarten buddy

Please do not pair the elementary schools. Next year, I’ll be in fifth grade, and I would love to have a kindergarten buddy. In some classes, students have reading buddies, and since I am an avid reader, and since I sometimes read to my sister, I know the younger students always enjoy a good book.

I can enumerate ten reasons why not to mix the schools and these are only a few. Younger students wouldn’t  be able to admire our projects. At recess, we would not get to play with each other or share creative ideas.

If schools are paired, as a Colonial School student, I would become a Hutchinson student. I would miss my teachers, principal, younger friends, the gym, recess, everything about Colonial.

I walk to school, and if the schools pair, I will not be able to walk to school with my family.

I love Colonial and if the schools get paired, I know that anyone who goes there will never forget what a wonderful school it is.