Colonial and Prospect are different in many ways, similar in others

Colonial School and Prospect Hill School are different in many ways. I know. I went to Prospect and now I go to Colonial.

Prospect has more land than Colonial. It has three parts to its playground and we only have one.

At Prospect, they run an October festival. At the festival, students and parents plant flowers, eat treats, play games and get their faces painted.

Prospect has a bigger library. Colonial has an online newspaper, and Prospect does not. We have a Lunch Bunch program, and Prospect does not.

We have crazy hair day, pajama day and things like that and Prospect does not. All of the grades are allowed to do Jump Rope for Heart at Prospect, but only fourth and fifth are here. We have more computers than Prospect.

The two schools have many similarities too. They both do Pennies for Patients. They both have a computer lab, smart boards, laptops for classrooms and Super Sammy Day.

Students at both schools participate in Girl Scouts, the winter concert, and, of course, fifth grade graduation. We both have lunch in the gym, a book fair every year and field trips to the Norwalk Aquarium.

It doesn’t matter what your school has; it matters if you have fun.