Year in review: Different views on what’s fun at school

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Year in review: Different views on what’s fun at school

Some of the playground equipment at Colonial School.

Some of the playground equipment at Colonial School.

Some of the playground equipment at Colonial School.

Some of the playground equipment at Colonial School.

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Colonial School has many ways to have fun and get active, from school spirit days to recess at Franklin Field and physical education classes. And people have different views on what exactly is fun for them.

To gather opinions, I interviewed Mr. Ronald Martucci, fourth grade teacher and New York Jets fan; Emilia Privat (4M), Ryan Gregware (5G), Alex Michailoff (4C), Charlie Pedorella (4C), Ella Deyoung (4C), Sam Rodd (5G), Manon Bushong (5V), Daniel Bernstein (5G) and Juan Carlos Matos (3D).

Football Friday was a big hit this year. In February, Colonial School held a spirit day because the New York Giants and New England Patriots were playing each other in the Super Bowl. I asked Mr. Martucci if he liked Football Friday, and he said he did and added that he wanted the tradition to continue.

Mr. Martucci said the school should do Football Friday again and suggested that we don’t do it just for the Super Bowl, but for other big games.

My opinion is that we should definitely continue it next year. Imagine the Football Friday we could have before the Giants and Jets play each other. Also I think we should have Rugby Tuesdays because a lot of people love rugby. I certainly do.

Opinion is mixed on the fourth and fifth grade going to Franklin Field for recess. Some don’t like it  because there’s hardly any balls, no kickball field and no four square court.

“I don’t like Franklin Field because it’s so plain, boring and you don’t have all your friends,” said Emilia. “Also, there’s not enough time for lunch.”

However, many students love the field because you can bring mitts and bats to play baseball. That is awesome!

Also, you can roll down the hills on Franklin Field. A lot of people play soccer, so they play soccer there. Plus, you can run as much as you want.

In fact, many students feel Franklin is better than our playground because they think that our playground is too small and too crowded.

“I like Franklin Field,” said Ryan. “Every day 1, 3 and 5, I wake up and yell, ‘Yes I’m going to Franklin Field!’”

I agree with everyone who thinks our playground is better than Franklin Field.

However, recess on the playground can be bittersweet because sometimes it is boring, like when dodgeball was banned. On the other hand, it’s fun when not too many people play kickball so everybody gets to kick often.

“It’s fun because you can let out all the energy from classes,” said Manon.

Said Juan Carlos, “Recess is very, very fun because I play ball tag with my friends and ball tag gets all the energy out of me. Plus, I get to peg my friends with a ball. Also, my friends and I make epic dodges. I get sweaty after recess, so it’s nice to take a break for lunch.”

Finally, there’s physical education. I think P.E. is fun 70 percent of the time because it’s great when you do gymnastics and fun games like  germ tag and Star Wars. But it’s boring when you play games like bocce ball and sharks and minnows. Here are some views of the activities in gym class:

“P.E. is awesome!” said Charlie.

“Well, I didn’t like gymnastics,” said Alex.

“P.E. is probably my favorite special because it’s one of the few times that you can be active,” said Sam.

(This story was originally published in the printed year-in-review edition of the Colonial Times.)

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Luke Matos, A&E Editor

Hio, my name is Lucas. I'm in class 5-V. I like roller coasters and rugby. Soccer is horrible. I like bratwust and German pretzels.

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  1. Andrew Norris on August 6th, 2012 3:03 AM

    I attended Colonial School in Pelham, N.Y. about 35 years ago although only for the 1st and 2nd grade. From the outside, I noticed the swings were replaced with a jungle gym. What happened to all the teachers from that era?

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Year in review: Different views on what’s fun at school