Hurricane Sandy brings a stormy sleepover on a school night


The site of school night sleepovers after a stormy night.

At the beginning of hurricane Sandy, my family and I went to Connecticut because we thought that it would be worse in Pelham. We arrived in Connecticut on Oct. 28 and  returned to Pelham on Oct. 30. When we went there, we saw a big tree branch fall down and glass from a car’s windshield on the street.

Our friends the Rothschilds are currently staying in our house overnight because they don’t have heat or power. It’s very fun to have my friend Phoebe sleepover on a school night, but I know that it is bad that they lost power and heat. (Phoebe writes about the experience here.) Still, I am kind of happy that they lost it so that Phoebe and I can have a weeklong sleepover.

My family got very lucky because all the streets surrounding ours lost power. So it’s only us and some of the other people around us that have power. Down the street, there’s a tree whose roots came out of the ground. It looks really scary and unreal, like the kind of thing you’d see in a movie about a hurricane.

This hurricane wasn’t nessassarily a bad experience for me, but it was for many other people. I hope that everyone recovers from the storm, including the Rothschilds. For the time being, however, I’m happy that they’re staying with us. It’s so fun!