My new family for a week… and hoping power never comes back


Utility trucks finally got to work outside the Rothschild house after the storm.

Everyone in my family was scared when Sandy hit because we have a bunch of trees around our house. We didn’t even dare to sleep in the basement, so we slept over at our friends, the Eustaces. It was fun. We went mattress sliding down the stairs. It may sound dangerous, but it was a blast.

When we lost power, I had a bunch of sleepovers. For a while, I slept at my house, but it started to get really cold. We had lots of friends asking us to stay with them. So we decided to stay at the Leffs. For the first night, I just slept there without my family. And just last night, my whole family stayed there, and we all celebrated the election.

I have been having so much fun. I hope I never get power back. The Leffs have been so welcoming. I think that my family is so lucky to have such great friends like the Leffs. Callie and I are always having fun and goofing off together. (Callie writes about the experience here.) We play with Josie, Callie’s little sister, everyday. She loves princesses more than anyone I know. We argue with our little brothers like all of us together are siblings.

Callie and I have been getting the same snacks and lunch. I feel like we’re sisters. It feels so weird waking up in someone else’s room and refusing to get out of bed at someone else’s house.

This has been an amazing experience, I never want it to end.