First performance with NYC Ballet: ‘As soon as I walked out on that stage, I automatically knew what to do’


Courtesy NCBT website

The party scene from the New York City Ballet’s production of “The Nutcracker.”

I felt very honored to be given a wonderful part in the New York City Ballet’s “The Nutcracker.” I had auditioned for a part at the School of American Ballet, where I am currently studying ballet in the fourth division.

I was given the part of a grandchild in the party scene, Act I. This scene is definitely one of my very favorite scenes in “The Nutcracker” because you get to act and dance at the same time, which isn’t like the other scenes. I also love the music and how the music relates to the actions happening in that scene.

The first show was very nerve racking. As soon as I walked out on that stage, I automatically knew what to do. It was as if someone had implanted the movements and actions into my brain. I was struck with amazement. This was my first performance working with the New York City Ballet, and I never knew what it was like until then, and it was wonderful!

The costumes were gorgeous. They looked like those old dresses from the 1900s. I had a light blue dress with pink and house-like pentagons at the end of the dress. There were lots of beautiful dresses out there, but mine was definitely one of my favorites.

It was a great experience and I enjoyed it a lot.

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