The Busy Man: the tale of my dad’s hard working life

PELHAM — Mr. Clay Bushong’s life is a busy one with the running of the Picture House and being a co-owner of Cantina Lobos. And having three kids. (I am his youngest!)

Well, with a family of five—three of them kids, 16, 13 and 9—life can get pretty busy. When you have a dad who’s so busy, trust me, you want to be in the business too.

He is from Washington, D.C., but grew up in Belgium and was raised there by his two parents and has two siblings.

His parents got divorced when he was twenty. And his father got married, and they had two kids, Honor and Eve, who are six and four and are my aunts. Pretty complicated huh? He had a dog named Abby, and he absolutely loved that dog.

My dad’s younger brother and sister (sorry, I forgot to mention he was the oldest) have kids who are my cousins. His youngest sibling is his brother and has one kid. The middle child of their family is my aunt. She has three kids who, ironically, are the same age or very close in age to me and my brother and sister (14, 12 and 10).

Remember when I mentioned that my family was complicated? Yeah,  I was right. Don’t you agree? Well enough about me. Time for the interviews. I am so excited, okay.

When were you born:


Were you fond of your siblings?

”Yes, I loved them very much.”

What school did you go to?

“There were many, like the first solar-heated school in Reston, Virginia. Then we moved to Brussels.”

How many pets did you have?

“One turtle, a cat named Spooky and a dog named Abby.”

I, of course, knew this stuff, but I bet you did not. But don’t think my dad’s jobs keep him busy? They’re not the only thing. I keep him pretty busy.