Colonial should be doing more fundraising for hurricane victims 

Many homes were destroyed by dangerous hurricanes during the past storm season. I think Colonial should be doing more about it.

People should be aware of the dangers of hurricanes and that they cause many families to become refugees. A refugee is someone forced to leave their home due to disaster.

Will Howells was aware of the dangers of hurricanes and what they have done to the U.S. He agreed that we should do something more and said we should donate at least $1,000 for repairs and “food, toys, clothes and clean water.”

Hurricanes are dangerous and cause many homes to crumble. Many people were killed or severely injured in the recent hurricane season.

“Twenty million should be donated to repairs, give food and helping animals,” said Leo Jurcic.

Vijay Ranganathan said we should help and we should donate clothes, food, water along with $13,000 for repairs. He has a unique opinion: President Donald Trump shouldn’t get involved because he “has too much work on his hands. But the vice president should because (he doesn’t) have as much work to do.”

In addition to donations, people should think of the ways to prepare for hurricanes. Always keep a flashlight handy in case of a power outage. Have a plan of you need to evacuate.