Sleep is important for all students


A 2019 study says that kids should have nine to 11 hours of sleep every night. Sleep is very important for students. It lets them rest and relieves them of stress. Without sleep, all kids would just end up playing video games all night.

I think sleep is very important for students because it lets them rest. Have you ever stayed up way past your bedtime and just wanted to crawl into your bed and get some sleep? That’s because sleep is the time to recharge our batteries. If you spend too much time awake, you start seeing crazy things at random times. That is just one reason why sleep is important for all students. We all know what energy is. And you need it to stay active. But if I don’t sleep, I don’t have enough energy to get through the day, much less stay active.

The next reason that sleep is important for all students is it relieves stress. Sometimes the stress and exhaustion of school can be too much to juggle at one time. When I sleep, it’s like all my problems are sucked into a vacuum. I get a temporary break from all that is bothering me. The only problem is that sometimes you can’t get to sleep. To resolve that problem, doctors invented medicines to help kids get to sleep.

Staying up late playing video games is a big problem. Sleep is the only way kids won’t just stay up being mindless zombies. I remember once when I had a sleepover, I stayed up most of the night playing video games with my friend, and the next day I could barely get up. Experiences like that told me that all students (including myself), need sleep.

Although it may seem amazing, sleep protects people from diabetes, helps you with your productivity, keeps you from getting a stroke, helps you socially interact with others and much more. Poor sleep is linked to depression.

I wanted to help you understand that we need sleep. It is key to a happy school life and a happy life in general. I hope I have convinced you that sleep is important, protective, key, needed and required for everyone, everyone, everyone.

So remember, the next time you get to stay up late, think of the benefits of sleep and the consequences of lack of sleep.