Australia’s wildlife, Kangaroo Island and zoos are great for families on vacation

SYDNEY — Are you a traveler? Do you love adventure? Well, then the perfect vacation for you would be Australia. Recently, I traveled with my family to this world of adventure.

Sydney is one of the places I visited. Sydney is a major city in Australia. There, my family went on a tour of a zoo, saw the world-famous opera house and had a small tour of this city. The activity I found most exciting was when we went to the zoo. My family got to go behind the cages of the Taronga Zoo. During this adventure, we got to feed kangaroos, be very close to koalas, see a baby koala, pet bilbies and more. I found this extremely exciting because the animals we saw might not be in U.S. zoos.

The next place we toured was Kangaroo Island. Kangaroo Island was by far the best place I’ve ever been to in my life. The whole trip was fascinating, but Kangaroo Island stood out. There, we had a tour of Kangaroo Island and rode ATVs. The tour was lovely, showing kangaroos, wallabies, koalas and beautiful birds in the wild. On the tour, the guide also took us very close to seals. The ATVs were great. My family was taken out on open fields, had beautiful trails and saw wildlife.

The second-to-last place was Adelaide. Adelaide didn’t catch my attention as much as the island and Sydney. There, we rode bikes and swam in a pool. I really liked swimming because I didn’t get to swim on Kangaroo Island, and it seemed like a long time. Although the bikes weren’t as interesting, the path we went on was pretty. We saw black swans, baby swans and even a pelican.

My last part in Australia was Brisbane. Brisbane was an amazing place with its views, beaches, another zoo (the Steve Irwin Zoo) and amusement parks. The zoo made a good impression on me because not only did I learn about animals, but I took a camel ride and saw an animal show. When I was on the camel, I felt nervous, but soon fell in love. The animal show was so cool because in the beginning they showed amazing birds, and then at the end, they showed crocodiles in honor of Steve Irwin.

I certainly had an awesome trip. I believe that if you like adventure, animals and are a traveler as much as I am, then you are probably a good candidate for Australia.