Scuba diving and snorkeling are activities to amaze during Hawaii visit

MAUI, HAWAII — When I went to Hawaii, I had a big experience that I will never forget. I did so many activities from relaxing in the pool to zip lining over a rainforest. But two activities really impressed me—snorkeling and scuba diving.

Snorkeling is adventurous, and also very fun. Where I went, the group was put onto a boat, and we went to the snorkel place. Everyone got into the water with their goggles and flippers. You can swim around, looking at and admiring the amazing scenery around you. There is coral, fish and sometimes octopus. My snorkeling trip had two stops. On the first stop, there was coral under you, fish around you and color everywhere. On the second stop, you got out and couldn’t see the bottom. Not even faintly. You were allowed to go very close to the wall of an extinct volcano. There was coral, and someone saw an octopus.

The other great thing was scuba diving. Scuba diving requires a lot of gear, so while I was getting geared up, I was a little nervous. My instructor showed me how things worked and then I got it. He went under. I followed. I breathed lightly, not wanting to use up too much oxygen. We swam to a place, and he showed me something else in my equipment. He did that over and over again, swimming somewhere, then stopping. At one point, I breathed out through my nose the tiniest bit and my mask loosened. Then I forgot how to breath through my nose. Uh oh! I just went up and fixed it. But it was nerve-racking. At the end, my dad got to swim with me. It was great fun, now not having any instructor to worry about. It was just me and my dad.

So, I think (after my experiences), that these are two family-fun activities to do in a tropical place.