Bromley, Vermont’s Sun Mountain, offers great summer fun

BROMLEY, VT — Next time you’re in Vermont, think about going to a winter ski resort for summer fun.

Bromley Mountain offers incredible experiences, such as their Alpine Slide, which allows you to hurtle down the what-would-be-scenic mountain slide if you weren’t going 50 miles an hour. The good thing is you control the speed.

Another epic attraction is the Ropes Course, which makes you use every part of your of brain, with extra special emphasis on stress and fear. The course features dozens of different challenges, such as seesaw logs, nets, swings, barrels and tippy bridges.

From yelling like Tarzan as you zipline a 25-foot gap, or watching your knees quake so hard they bang against each, or trying to cross several wobbling pegs and praying that you don’t fall, this attraction is definitely not one to miss.

There are many other awesome attractions, including a jumbo zipline–we’re talking 90 feet up and 150 feet across–and a fun trampoline. Bromley is a great place for summer fun.