Summer travels take in tubing on a Tennessee lake, USA’s oldest town and beaches of Amelia Island

Have you ever been tubing in Tennessee, sightseeing in the oldest town in the United States, or swimming on Amelia Island? If you haven’t, then you should try doing these things because they are all very fun.

Every summer, my family and I go and visit our grandparents in Tennessee. My grandparents live on a lake, so they own a boat. Every time we go to visit them, we go tubing. Tubing is when you are on a tube attached to the boat by rope and are pulled around. Tubing is really fun. You can go over the wake and big bumps that make it feel like you’re flying. Make sure you hold on tight or else you will fly off.

We also learned how to water ski and kneeboard, which were both big thrills. After Tennessee, we went to visit my other grandparents and family in Orlando. There, we visited Legoland and saw my cousins’ horses.

My family and I then went to our last destination, Amelia Island. On our way, we stopped off in a town called St. Augustine. St. Augustine is the oldest town in the United States. St. Augustine has a bit of a different set up then most towns today. Everything is easy to walk to since there weren’t cars when the town was built.

In St. Augustine, there is an old fort. The fort was originally built by the Spanish to protect the town. But the fort was taken over by many different countries in different wars.

After St. Augustine, my family and I headed to Amelia Island. On Amelia Island, we swam in the ocean, built sand castles on the beach and looked for shells. Every time we made a sand castle, we did our best to give it a good defense so the waves wouldn’t destroy it. My dad and I found two sand dollars, and my sister found a starfish. We also swam in the pool at the resort. Also, one morning, we saw a pod of dolphins swimming close to shore.

This vacation was definitely one to remember. I hope that you had just as much fun on your vacation as I did on mine.