Bronx Zoo’s new Children’s Zoo finally opens after two years of renovation

THE BRONX — The Children’s Zoo at the Bronx Zoo reopened on May 30. It still has some of the old animals, but the zookeepers added a lot of new ones.

The Children’s Zoo is split into five sections.

When you first walk in, you see a sign that says Animal Homes on it. After that, you view a bird called a night heron and its nest. Next, there is an animal that had been there before the renovation, the prairie dog. The prairie dog habitat still has the tubes you can go in so you feel like a prairie dog burrowing. After that, there are monk parakeets and otters. There is also a log for little kids to climb in. Next comes the huge spider web made of ropes that you can climb on. Then there is a cave with snakes in it.

The next section is called Animal Movement. You first see the frog jump. Here, you jump as far as you can and see what animal can jump that far. I got a Fennec Fox. Next, there is a tank with tropical fish in it, followed by a giant anteater named Velcro. He’s bigger than me! You walk across a boardwalk to view Spider Monkey Island. It looks real because there is no fence. Spider monkeys can only jump five feet, and they don’t like water so they can’t escape. After the moneys come the coatis, which look like red pandas but with longer snouts.

The next section is called Animal Defenses, featuring sloths, porcupines and owls. There is also the tree slide and the bamboo forest with a pudu in the forest. Then there are the skunks, rabbits and turtles.

The next section is called Animal Scenes and features turtles, snakes and fennec foxes. You learn about how they use their senses. The last section is the well-known Children’s Farm, with sheep, goats, alpacas, chickens, cows, turkeys ducks and pigs.

The Children’s Zoo is open from April to October. I hope you get to see it!