Camp Beech Cliff offers an educational outdoor experience for children

MAINE — Being outside in the summer is something that everyone loves to do. Camp Beech Cliff is a co-ed camp that offers lots of outdoor. The camp provides a fun experience for campers with every activity you could imagine—performing arts, archery, swimming, boating, rope courses and other sports.

Camp Beech Cliff is atop beautiful Beech Mountain. It involves a lot of outdoor activities for the campers. In addition to the regular camp activities, CBC offers week-long specialty camps where campers focus on one thing for the week. These topics include circus camp, girl’s self-defense, fencing and dog sledding.

There are even some mysteries at CBC. For instance, the location of the “secret elevator” still is unknown. To get to Echo Lake, there is a big hill that campers do not like to walk up and down on. People say that counselors have a “secret elevator” that moves them from the bottom of the hill to the top. Some campers have been trying to figure out if this is an actual elevator, though most kids interviewed said it’s the counselors use a golf cart not an elevator.

Another feature that causes buzz at the camp are camper bucks. Camper bucks are little slips of paper that are designed by arts and crafts counselor Mike Duffy. They represent an amount of money on them. The older a buck is, the more it is worth. With camper bucks, campers buy ice pops and counselor cards. Counselor cards are baseball-type cards, except that they have the counselors on them. The oldest camper buck possible to get is 1999. It was worth around 32,000 bucks this year.