Southwest Harbor in Maine is great place for family vacations

SOUTHWEST HARBOR, Maine — If you’re looking for a place to go for a family vacation, then maybe this island spot is for you. It is a place full of activities and has beautiful views and much more.

Southwest Harbor is on Mount Desert Island (MDI), which is surrounded by water. Because of that, the island offers many ways for people to experience water sports. There are lakes with beaches such as Echo Lake Beach. The lakes sprinkled across the the island help out with the camps. Since there are a numerous camps on MDI, a lot of them offer all sorts of water sports.

Besides all the water fun, Southwest Harbor has many other activities. There are many, many hikes that lead to amazing views. There are some as easy as Flying Mountain, while others are long. All the hikes, though, finish with a beautiful view.

Southwest Harbor has a big flamingo festival every year. There is a big parade where everyone gathers in town. They do this festival to celebrate Harbor House’s years of success. Many of the programs, camps and activities march in the parade, and some of those even throw candy. After the parade, there is a big festival with games and shops.

Overall, Southwest Harbor is a great family vacation spot.