We are Colonial, hear us GROWL

COLONIAL SCHOOL — Mrs.Wilson and Mrs.Gerhardt released the program called the “Ring Thing” on Jan. 11 and 14.

Mrs. Gerhardt said she thought of a way for students to try to earn rewards for following basic school rules. So she sat down with Mrs.Wilson, and the loops were born.

Every time someone “GROWLS,” they get a loop for their class, which they take back to add to their classroom jar. Kids call it growling. Some students wear the loops on their wrists to carry them back to class, according to Mrs. Wilson.

When a class fills its ring jar, the class earns a reward the teacher chooses, though it isn’t something to eat. Once all the classes get their ring cups filled, Mrs. Wilson will choose something for everyone.

“It was a simple way,” said Mrs.Wilson. “Kids can wear them and be proud. We thought they would like it. It makes them do a good job and GROWL.”

This is what GROWL stands for:

Give their best
Respect each other
Work and play safely
Love their school