Fourth and fifth graders jump rope for heart disease

COLONIAL SCHOOL — Fourth and fifth graders participated in Jump Rope for Heart on Feb. 14 to raise money for the American Heart Association (AHA) to help people with heart disease.

Colonial has been doing Jump Rope for Heart since 2005. The most money the school raised was about $4,000, said Mrs.Bagwell. Last year, the school raised about $2,500. This year, the event raised about $3,400 with about 35 kids.

“The AHA raises the money for education and research,” Mrs. Bagwell said.

Daniella Cherner, fourth grade, said she had the most fun learning new tricks like the Rocker, the 360, the Double Wheel and the Triple Wheel. “It’s a good way to raise money because kids like to do it,” she added.

The breakfast at Jump Rope for Heart was rated eight out of ten by Daniella. The winners of the signed T-Shirts were Eileen McGowan and your correspondent. The color of the 2010-2011 Jump Rope for Heart is blue with white in the middle.

Colonial has a box that holds an Automated External Defribulater (AED). An AED could save your life. Other schools around the country don’t have them, and some of the money raised by the jump rope event is used to get them for the other schools. An AED is only used if someone is dying. If used on someone that is fine, it could be very dangerous.