Mrs. Lombardi travels from 3rd grade to 4th

COLONIAL SCHOOL — Mrs. Lombardi, who moved from teaching third grade to fourth grade this year, said that she has worked in all of the Pelham elementary schools. She has been in Pelham schools for 11 years, so she’s been in our district for more then half of her teaching career.

“It surprises me after 14 years, I never get tired of teaching,” said Mrs. Lombardi. “It’s fun.”

Q: What is the difference between teaching third and fourth graders?

A: “Well, I find that the fourth graders show a little bit more maturity concerning organization and responsibility, which is a sign of development. Also, our topics are discussed with a little more depth and detail. Other than that, I find the fourth graders to be just as sweet and caring as the third graders.”

Q: What was it like changing grades?

A: “It was difficult, at first, to change grades. But I feel I have gotten the ‘hang’ of fourth grade. Learning a new curriculum is challenging but keeps life interesting!”

Q: What is your favorite subject to teach? Why?

A: “My favorite subject to teach is science. I love to learn new things, and I always learn more interesting facts every year that I teach Science. Also, I know that students like to perform investigations and discover new things for themselves, and they are always excited to do that in class.”