Colonial Walks Day: We’re walkin’ in the rain

ON THE SIDEWALKS OF PELHAM — The first Colonial Walks Day was rained on, but some students still walked. On March 21, it was held because it was the first day of Spring.

Mrs. Wilson said the school is planning to have Colonial Walks Day every Monday.

Here’s what some students said about the walk:

  • “I really don’t know if Walk to School Day should have been canceled,” said fourth grader Claudia Dodge. “Yes and No. No, because people need the exercise, and yes because it’s raining.”
  • “I live on Nyac, so I’m pretty close to the school,” said Siobhan Joyce-Farley, also fourth grade. “I saw many walkers, but the rain still affected Walk to School Day.”
  • “If you live far away from the school, just drive, but if you live like a block away, walk,” said Victoria Nappi, fifth grade.