Sending hope to Japan in letters and cards

Sending hope to Japan in letters and cards

Hope books of letters and cards done by students.

COLONIAL SCHOOL — Tragedy struck Japan, and the school is sending hope through letters and cards.

Letters of encouragement were written by Colonial students and will be sent to Japanese kids affected by the earthquake and the tsunami, said Mrs. Lombardi. Colonial is trying to help lift the spirits of kids who lost homes and possibly family members.

There are 16 books full of hope letters and cards, one book written by each class in the school. School officials are working on where they will be sent, said Mrs. Wilson.

“These hope letters are good because when they receive them, they will feel good about themselves and know that kids like themselves care about them,” said Mrs. Lombardi. “So all these letters and cards from us and hopefully from other kids around the world should boost their spirits.”

What happened to Japan was not only surprising for them, but for Americans too, and as Colonial helps, other people are too. We might be on different sides of the world but that won’t stop us.