State tests came and went with their math, English and stress

THE CLASSROOMS OF COLONIAL — The state tests were up and running all during May. There are the English language arts (ELA), math, field tests and science.

There are a handful of kids who get nervous when doing the tests, and even get really stressed.  Teachers say it’s hard for kids to concentrate for seventy minutes straight.

As happens every year, grades three through five had three days of ELA tests, two days of math tests, one day of field tests, while the fourth graders will also took two days of science exams. Some teachers don’t like giving the tests, and some also get stressed. Some teachers think that, alongside their students, the state is also testing them. Others disagree.

“I don’t think kids should get stressed because Colonial kids are smart and they should not worry,” said Mr. Martucci, a fourth-grade teacher. “All tests come down to one skill. Reading comprehension. The best way to prepare is to read something everyday.”

Mrs. Carlson, another fourth-grade teacher, said, “I think they’re important, but they take up a lot of class time. I also think things are important besides the state test. It’s important for everyone to be happy.”

“The state is raising the bar for achievement and I think that is a positive,” said Mr. Ventura, a fifth-grade teacher. “I don’t agree that the progress on just one test should count.”

As usual, the state tests come and go, and everyone always tries hard. Everyone is always happy when there are no more tests.