We’re liveblogging back-to-school picnic: Click here for latest news

We're liveblogging back-to-school picnic: Click here for latest news

Dancing to the DJ music at the back-to-school picnic.

7:05 p.m. — Mrs. Valerie Micciche, a parent volunteer at the ticket desk, said, “It was very successful. Everyone had fun, and the food was great. Between 300 and 400 people came.”
–Francesca Di Cristofano

7:00 pm — For dinner they had cheeseburgers, plain burgers and salad. They had chips, grapes and pretzels on the side, and for dessert, they had chocolate-chip cookies, cupcakes and brownies.
–Manon Bushong

6:54 — Logan Mueller (3L) said, “I’m having a very good time.”
Tyler Gilbertson (1H) said, “I’m staying till the end!”
Eric Fontenella (KM) said, ” My favorite song was Firework.” Recent Colonial grad Jonathan Campisano said, “Party Rock Anthem was the best song!!”
–Henry Driesen

6:45 — Marianne Gilland, member of the Pelham school board, is a guest to this year’s welcome back picnic. She represents Colonial School on the board. She said, “When you have a problem and tell Mrs. Wilson, she tells me.”
–Francesca Di Cristofano

6:36 pm — “The food is great and it was good to see everyone. The organizers made it the best picnic ever,” said Mrs. Anna Riehl.
“Its a wonderful way to kick off the year,” said Mr. Chris Rackley.
–Manon Bushong

6:27 p.m– “I think it’s great, a lot of people came!” said Mrs. Wilson.
“Yes, I have done this before,” said Mrs. Valerie Micciche.
“I’m selling the community calendar. A portion of the money goes to P.A.C.T. P.A.C.T stands for Parents and Community Together,” said Mrs. Theresa Breskin.
–Sam Rodd