Fourth, fifth graders get run of Franklin Field for recess


Colonial Times file photo

Franklin Field in greener days.

FRANKLIN FIELD — Starting this year, the fourth and fifth graders are walking to this playing field next to Pelham Middle School for recess on days 1, 2, 3 and 5.

On Oct. 5, the students went to Franklin Field for the first time. They played football, soccer, ball tag and everything. The fourth and fifth graders go to the field with a teacher in front and a teacher in back.

“I thought we needed more play space for the older children and also more space for the younger children,” said Mrs. Wilson, Colonial principal. “I had to get permission from the principal of the middle school and the assistant principal to change the schedules.”

Many kids like it, and some don’t.“I like Franklin because we have more space and there is grass, which is better for running and playing,” said Ben Glickman, 5V.

“I don’t like Franklin because by the time we get there, we only have a few minutes to play,” said Patrick Wertimer, 5G.

It was tough for the principal to arrange everything. Finally, everything was ready, and the fourth and fifth grade walked over.