PTA plans new festival, other events to pay for trips, enrichment, Banana Splits


PTA Co-President Suzann Michailoff talks to the Colonial Times.

COLONIAL SCHOOL — This year, the PTA is planning to do a new event.  Stories have been flying around about the Yee-Haw Festival. And yes, the stories are true.

There will also be an event called the progressive dinner for all grown-ups around. PTA Co-President Suzann Michailoff answered a few questions about what is going on this year.

“This year, we’re doing something new called the Yee-Haw Festival,” said Mrs. Michailoff. “It’s like a cowboy sort of thing. We do Banana Splits. We try to give kids opportunities. We are going to be doing something called the progressive dinner. It’s where grown-ups get together and have dinner. We are also going to be doing workshops similar to the classes at the Pelham Picture House.”

Lots of kids like Banana Splits and pasta night so the PTA has to find great ways to raise money. The PTA sponsors many programs for Colonial School and has generously paid for the tickets that will be taking the fifth grade to Lincoln Center to see yet another show. The PTA also sponsors lunchtime enrichment, which will start again in the winter.

“To some degree, we try to have fundraisers that kids can participate in,” Mrs. Michailoff. “We also have a fundraising committee to sell shirts and decals and stuff like that. We have to have Mrs. Wilson approve of our spending. The progressive dinner is one way we generate money.”

“We are doing pasta night in the spring,” she added, “and other things, like the chess club, we sponsor.”

(Publisher’s note: Dave O’Brien and Mark Fisher are co-chairing the Yee-Haw Festival and volunteers are needed. Contact them to help make it happen.)