Fifth graders buddy with kindergartners, teach kick ball, friendship


Buddies together: fifth graders and kindergartners play.

COLONIAL PLAYGROUND — Fifth grade-kindergarten buddies come to an end after a month of kindergartners playing all sorts of games with their fifth-grade buddies.

The fifth graders showed their buddies around and answered their questions about Colonial School and other things.

“I liked playing kick ball,” said Kyle Chang, KM. “My buddy taught me.”

“My buddy played with me and showed me how to make fairy houses,” said Madeline Smith, KM.

The fifth graders had fun being the role models and just having a good time. The buddies definitely loved playing with the fifth graders too. Most of the fifth graders thought it was a great experience.

“I always had someone to play with when I was in kindergarten,” said Sidney Skop, 5V. “Now I’m the role model.”

“When I was in kindergarten, I was so exited to see my buddy when she came out,” said Lucy Bischof, 5V. “With my kindergarten buddy, I feel the same excitement.”

“I liked collecting chestnuts with my buddy” when in kindergarten, said Peter Fontanella, 5G. “I have my brother now, so we interact more.”

The kindergartners played for the whole recess and when it was over, they couldn’t wait for tomorrow. In fact, for the kindergartners, it was all about the games:

  • “I like playing tag with my buddy and being silly,” said Lola Pierce, KM.
  • “I liked making fairy houses and bird houses with my buddy. She showed me the playground,” said Emily Rackley, KM.
  • “I like to play with my buddy. I like running away from my buddy,” said Claudia Hertwig, KS.