Colonial School’s Ms Albano moves to Stuttgart, Germany


Ms Albano at the Wilhelma Zoo in Stuttgart.

STUTTGART, GERMANY– Colonial School’s former second-grade teacher, Ms Rosamaria Albano, moved to teach in this German city. The name of the school is The International School of Stuttgart.

Yes, believe it or not, Ms Albano moved to an international school that teaches in both English and German. She is just starting to learn the language there.

“I haven’t learned too much German so far!” she said in an email interview. “I have learned some words and phrases from my students at school, colleagues and watching TV. I am getting better each day. I am lucky, though, that many people here in Germany do speak and understand English.”

“I’m working at a private school, the International School of Stuttgart,” Ms Albano said. “The school runs differently than the public schools here and also in New York. This school is a dual-language school, which means that we teach students in English and in German. Students go through the years learning and doing work in two languages. There are two teachers in the class, one English and one German. Also, we have split grades, which means that first and second graders are in a class together, and third and fourth graders (my class) are also together.”

“It is different but not harder. It has taken me some time to adjust to the way of life here, the language and my new school. It is all going very well though. I miss New York, my family and Colonial a lot, but I also like it here.”

Some of Ms Albano’s students have visited New York City. They ask her about the city and if she’s met any famous people. She also said she’s seeing other parts of Europe.

“The most amazing experience so far while here has been driving to Italy from Germany. We drove through Austria and Switzerland, saw the Alps and so many other beautiful panoramas.  I’ll never forget it and hope to do it again!”

In conclusion, Ms. Albano is continuing her new German-American life. She misses New York, but will continue her new exciting life.