Student government elections start; reps picked, presidential candidates nominated

COLONIAL SCHOOL — Student government elections have started. The fifth graders picked presidential candidates and third through fifth chose class representatives.

The student government advisers are librarian Mrs. Kim Norman and fifth-grade teacher Mr. Alexander Ventura. The student government will be doing things like kickoffs for certain events like Pennies for Patients and other things throughout the year.

The student government town meeting is scheduled for Monday, Nov. 7 and the actual voting for president has yet to be scheduled. This year, since there are three fifth grade classes, there will be a job for each candidate. One candidate will become president, another vice president, and another granted the job of speaker of the house. It will all depend on the votes.

For another change, this year there will be two class representatives for each class. The third and fourth grades voted for their class representatives on Oct. 28.

The representatives are Natalia Cherner and Maxwell Resnick for class 3K, Thomas Fontanella and Robert Bischof from class 3D, and Sophia Leung and Emmett Doyle from class 3L.

The representatives for class 4C are Julia Rosenburg and Rishi Basu and Charlotte Howard and Annika Jawanda from class 4M.

The presidential candidates the fifth grade nominated are Henry Driesen, 5V; Maggie Solimine, 5G; and Claudia Dodge from 5U.

The class representatives for the fifth grade are Jon Girolamo and Siobhan Joyce-Farley for class 5V, Peyton Rees and Spencer O’Brien from 5G, and Dylan Gurl and William Campisano from 5U. The fifth grade voted on Oct. 27.