Henry Driesen wins as student government president; Maggie Solimine, vp; Claudia Dodge, 2nd vp

COLONIAL GYM — The votes are in and the ballots counted. The student government president is Henry Driesen of 5V.

Maggie Solimine, 5G, was elected vice president, and Claudia Dodge, 5U, won the office of second vice president. The third, fourth and fifth grades voted on Nov. 7. The election took place in the gym, where there was an assembly for the three grades and tables set up for each class to vote.

At the assembly, the candidates introduced ideas they thought were good and that fellow students would like. They all said if they were elected president, they would put their ideas into action.

Henry said he would see to it that “there will be more spirit days, and I will use an idea that my friend gave to me, where you can choose your indoor recess.” He also said that he “would listen to you, and all of  your ideas”.

Maggie said she would have “an anti-bullying team, just like safety patrol” and wanted to plan for “bake sales, food drives and stuff like that” to help people in need.

Claudia said that if she were elected, there would be a day each month “where people come in and talk about their jobs.”

People wanted to share their votes and reasons:

  • “I voted for Henry because he is going to take our ideas, and he took Jon’s idea of choosing indoor recess, so I thought that was pretty cool,” said Ben Glickman, a friend of  former presidential candidate Jon Girolamo.
  • “I voted for Claudia Dodge because I thought she had good ideas, and she seemed very comfortable on stage, and it seemed like she could handle things,” said Lucy Bischof.
  • “I voted for Maggie because she had good ideas, and she said one of the ideas I gave her,” said Maddie Mullany.
  • “I voted for me because, well, there is no cause,” said candidate Henry Driesen. He is also a sports editor for the Colonial Times newspaper.