Student government executives plan new school logo, committees

COLONIAL SCHOOL — The student government’s executives plan to give the school a new logo and set up different committees.

In addition to the logo, Student Government President Henry Driesen said in an interview his main goal is to “make sure everyone is having a good time.” He said becoming president felt “like it was a big honor, and it’s a big and fun job.”

Vice President Maggie Solimine said “right now we are all working on commitees.”

“I felt really happy” after being elected, Maggie said. “I couldn’t speak. Even though I didn’t win president, I’m still really happy.”

Second Vice President Claudia Dodge said of her position, “It’s cool because you get to be in charge. I also like sharing and listening to ideas.”

Claudia’s goal is “to keep everything in order, and to make Colonial a happy place.”