Volume scale teaches kids how to turn down the noise

COLONIAL SCHOOL — There is a new program at school called the Volume Scale. Teachers use this mainly at lunch, and not very often in the classroom, to quiet down the kids.

For instance, if a teacher says “keep your voice between a one and a three,” the kids should be talking between a whisper voice and a normal talking voice.

Many of the classrooms for younger children have signs up, and children are told to look at the signs or talk at a certain level voice. Teachers hope to achieve discipline in children at a young age so they will listen to the rules and talk at the level that the teachers say.

Lucy Bischof, a fifth grader, said, “The volume scale is to show what level you’re talking at.”

Tess Darrow, another fifth grader, said she hates the volume scale. “People say you’re talking at a level five when you’re really talking at a level two,” said Tess. “We should be able to talk whenever we want.”

Mrs. Sara Bagwell, the gym teacher, has a different opinion: “The volume scale is for monitoring the volume in the school. That includes hallways, classrooms  and the gym. I like it because it helps people focus on eating, and it also helps people be quiet because there’s a lot of noise during the rest of the day.”

It’s up to the kids whether or not they want to listen.